Wednesday, October 31, 2007

killing crickets and a recap...

Yeah it's been quiet around here. The two people that read this thing have given me grief for not updating it. So I'll stomp on some crickets to idle their chirping and give a brief update on what's been happening.

-Parker is still walking. He's learned how to ring a cowbell and yell "Go Go". And he is still pimping the IF Jersey at the races.

-Speaking of races, I've podiumed in the last 3 I've done. A 2nd, 3rd and 5th place. Wait, is 5th place a podium position, you may ask... Yes it is, when it's a MABRA race. They go 5 places deep and that was also the first time I've podiumed at a MABRA race. It was the Tacchino Cross in Leesburg. The 2nd place was in Richmond at the Ciclismo event promoted by Matt M. He beat me the day before at the Chimborazo race to take 2nd and leave me in 3rd. Nice Job Matt.

-Speaking of Richmond, we spent the weekend with Coach Jeff and Heather, thanks for the hospitality. We had a great time. Bandit was relegated to his kennel. Poor guy. Jeff will be coaching Harlan this upcoming year, they'll do great things together.

-Speaking of Harlan, he, Jeff, and myself represented IF racing at the Independent Fabrication World Tour event in Leesburg Virginia. Matt B came down from Boston and gave a lecture on IF bikes and the custom bike process at Plum Grove Cyclery. There were 52 IF bikes at the shop, a mix of steel, ti, road, mtn, cx bikes exhibiting the incredible range of paint options available. The following morning the shop hosted a ride on the back roads of Loudon County, which I heard are sweet. I missed it since I was racing in Richmond.

-Speaking of Racing, the next race on the schedule is the Virginia State Championship in VA Beach next weekend. We are looking forward to spending the weekend with my Aunt Jean and racing with my 757 peeps. No racing this weekend, Holly has a rake with my name on it.

that's about it, other than the normal wake, work, ride, repeat daily schedule.


Blogger Jeffro Herriachi said...

word up

10:20 PM  
Blogger Taz Brown said...

I watch your blog too Mark! GO GO Parker!...and Mark. Congrats on the great finishes!

11:20 PM  

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