Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lucky 13...

I began this entry on Sunday night, but could never get it going, so here's some short notes from the Capital 'Cross race in Reston.

-Cold, but not raining as the weatherchannel predicted.
-New back half of the course, made it considerably longer. And more fun.
-Had a second row start number, and was able to move up to the front row.
-Gave up my front row spot to Michael aka Crazy. He won.
-had a solid start, top 5 or 6 out of 45-50 starters.
-squeeked by the pileup at the first 180 turn on the first lap. (good starts are vital)
-felt great on the first lap, but didn't push the pace.
-started the inevitable slide backwards on the second lap
-saw 2 laps to go after the second lap. Longer laps and only 40minute race. would've liked another lap.
-DC Bikes rider passed me on the last lap but I clamped down on his rear wheel for the finishing straight sprint.
-pulled out of my right pedal as I hit the pavement to start my sprint.
-Finished 13th.

This was my 5th or 6th time racing at PVC's Reston event, and it never disappoints. Hung out after my race to catch up with my racing friends and meet new friends. We have a great racing community in the midatlantic region.


Blogger chris d said...

Wish I could have been there, but I was overcommitted at home. See you Sunday.

7:55 PM  

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