Monday, November 12, 2007

The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge

Clif Bar has created the 2 Mile Challenge to help fight global warming one pedal stroke at a time. 40% of urban trips are 2 miles or less and by riding your bike for these trips you can reduce pollution, reduce traffic, and just ride a bike. Input a starting location and let them map out a 2 mile radius for you. Clif Bar is rolling through college campuses in the west taking the 2 Mile idea to college via a biodiesel fueled bus. Why not the East Coast???

The image above shows the 2 mile radius for my 'urban' rides. Here are some of the things/places within my 2 miles:
-Coffee Shop
-Bike Shop, downtown stores
-Grocery, Pharmacy, Doctor
-Restaurants, Bars
-Post office, baby sitter

Couple of things that are outside of my 2 miles:
Wal-Mart, Mall No real loss there, huh?

Try it, map your location and see where 2 miles can take you. Then check out the 2 Mile Challenge blog.

Take the challenge.


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