Friday, February 23, 2007

Knocked the ... out...

The bug that I had been battling finally won. Between conjunctivitis in my eye (two doctor visits) and a massive head cold, I was one sick puppy. Staying home from work yesterday and filling myself to the gills with tylenol cold medicine seemed to do the trick. That and coming to a complete stop with my training. The body said STOP and I finally listened much to the relief of the missus.

Now I'm missing James and Joe doing a night ride tonight at Braley's/Dowells. Going to take it easy this weekend and slowly get back into training next week. Shouldn't be too difficult as next week was a scheduled rest week, so I won't be jumping into a hard training section.

Here's to better health...


Blogger joe york said...

We missed you last night Mark but I'm glad your feeling better. James and I thought that with you being sick we might actually be able to keep you in sight but then we thought about and said there was still no way. Joe

10:55 AM  

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