Monday, December 10, 2007

last race...

My last race of the season was the VACX Final at Darden Towe park in Charlottesville. Last race until April or May of 2008, other than chasing a 17month old boy through the house, over dogs, toys and a skittish cat, through gates and around furniture. This was the 12th cyclocross race of the season for me; all 8 VACX events, 3 MABRA races, and 1 MAC race. These races were spread out over 12 weeks from late September to December. Ah not to bad, a race a weekend if you look at the average, but the VACX had 6 events over a three weekend span in October. This wasn't a bad thing overall, but it did make me peak earlier than I wanted. Lesson learned. I scored some points, had a solid season, and most importantly I enjoyed the competition and scene.

Okay the race details. Like I said above it was the last race of the season. I also had second place in the Masters 35+ in a full nelson. I couldn't move up or down even if I DNF'd. Which I'm loathe to do. Anyway, the motivation wasn't up there to flog myself, especially on Richard's course that had ups and downs, off camber niceness and enough fun to keep ya focused on the track in front of you. At the word go I took off for my first lap glory, Leave 'em saying "well he looked good at the beginning". Actually it's to stay out of any first lap pileups, go hard and let the chips ride. I even led the race, until the first hill when Ed D. came by like he always does. A few more come by, JH and Matt then Kevin. Crazy roars past me a some point. I keep K-Dawg in my sight and feel someone creeping up on me. Not sure of his name but he's riding a Planet Cross, so I know he has good taste. He leads me around a bit and Bill G bridges up to us. Bill G who can climb like a scalded cat on meth, starts to pull away from us and I think to myself that there's the wheeel to stick to. Bill pulls us up to Kevin and the three of us roll the course, Me and my 757 peeps. That's the way to race/ride.

With two laps to go Kevin decides to bolt from our kumbaya race and in a flash he's got 50m on Bill and I. It's up to me chase as Bill will not chase down a Tripower teammate. I'm having fun, but I don't have the gas to chase Kevin. Bill and I chat and come to the conclusion that there isn't a better way to finish the season then riding together. He cheers for me in races and I cheer for him, no matter the course or who's in the lead; and here we are riding the last lap of the year cheering each other. Kumbaya and all that, yeah it's sappy, but it's also what I love the most about cyclocross. The competitors. The friends I've made. The scene.

One one hand I'm glad the season is over, it's been a long one. I've had a few results to show for the hard work and a lot of great memories. But it's time to pull the plug and ease into the off season.

On the other hand i'll miss riding with the VACX crew, it's been fun. Best 'o luck to the crew going to Nationals. Show 'em how it's done in the Commonwealth.


Blogger chris d said...

Way to outsprint Bill there at the end. You kept him outside. That was smart.

Of course, I DNF'd, ripping my chain off on the first lap! Wish I could have chasing you.

See you on some trail soon enough, I'm sure.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

That was fun! We'll see ya'll superbowl weekend!!!

8:20 PM  

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